Hey, I'm Chanelle and I turn often imperfect experience, into palatable magic.

I have always shared THROUGH pain. Losing the 100 pounds I gained as a result of immense rejection and depression, was the gateway to MY drug: storytelling.

What started out as a means for a healthy emotional outlet, turned into something much greater. As I systematically learned to effectively share transparency, I also experienced better relationships. Those relationships turned into more self-worth, better confidence...risk-taking. A greater understanding of self eventually transformed into the decision to become the practitioner I YEARNED to be. An autonomous, respected FRIEND to my patients. 

15 DPT school rejections. An 800 mile, one-way commute to graduate school. Adolescence-consumed family alcoholism. 2 divorces. 3 marriages. Falling in love. Holding on to that love. >$200K student loan debt. Childhood bullying. Gaining 100 pounds....and losing it. Leading a team of women. Experience of emotional abuse from a narcissist. Auto-immune disease, gut disease, adrenal disease, and food allergy. Shared wisdom, inspiration, and failures. Ive shared it all, and it has brought me here. Hungry to teach YOU how to realize, harvest, and attract YOUR MAGIC.

I don't rely on physician referrals for my concierge-based PT practice. I work for patients, not insurance companies...and I attain all of that through storytelling. I get to share my time, my resources, and my expertise with people who genuinely love me...people I genuinely ADORE! 

I hope you'll join me in the quest to end frivolous clinical relationships, and look forward to connecting with you! 

X O X O 


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